My name is Philippe Bonjean and I am an administrator in a training school on games and paris. 
I am 44 years old and I am a fan of casino games, but especially the Black Jack. For a long time I was a big fan of blackjack players and my wife one day, told me that I too could try my luck and I started. The statistical studies that I made, allowed me to fully understand the process of the game Blackjack and be able to master all the game strategies that are available to us. It was after 5 years of intense training, I joined this school to become a teacher and there about a year I was appointed director. I have this blog, advise and assist all blackjack players and all the people who really want to get into the arena of the game.

Online Blackjack

I would not make you beautiful and long speeches, for the simple reason that blackjack is not a game for everyone. It is true that all people can play, but in truth only those who give it, succeed. I often tell my students that the goal is not to know, but it's more to understand the game and control the process. The will and work are the only weapons that you can have in order to succeed in Black Jack. To learn to play, do not get distracted by all the people who claim to give you help, it's just wasted time.

First educate yourself, everything starts there, you can not claim to want to play Black Jack without knowing its history, its evolution over time and what are the pioneers of the game. First educate yourself, read all books you find on the Black Jack, it may be books and methods that date back to antiquity, but it is from here that all the basis and foundations of the game.Check out this website on Casino-Mate online pokies .

Then learn the rules by heart the game, keep in mind that you can not play Black Jack without knowing what constitutes and characterizes the game. From this moment, you are then able to put you in further learning, that is, ie the practice of all your theoretical knowledge. Play using all the strategies that you know or that you have stored, and do not if your mistakes or your failures. The more you play, the more acquerriez of experience, and your game will become mature and thoughtful, and so you can develop game of reflexes that will make you move faster than you would have thought. You will be a professional blackjack